No, you may NOT tow your unit. We charge the Delivery fee to deliver your unit to the campground of your choice. The delivery fee is based on the distance from our rental office to your campground choice. This fee covers the cost of vehicle insurance, fuel, staff time, vehicle expenses, and the dumping of the Sani tanks. Rentals may not be picked up by the customer due to insurance restrictions and our company policy.

Deliver and pick up to your location choice. We set up and level the unit. The fridge and freezer will be started. The water tanks will be filled. The hot water tank will be started. If you are in a full-service site, we will hook up and unhook the power cable and the sewer hose. We understand that dealing with the mess of the black and grey tanks is a little unpleasant. For that very reason we also include emptying and rinsing the black and grey tanks as well as the sewer hoses.

We pride ourselves on NO hidden costs – so everything is up front.

NO – every customer is responsible for booking their own campsite. If you are unfamiliar with the area and would like some recommendations, call our rental office and we can guide you in the right direction. Please note we do not have any knowledge of occupancy at any of the campgrounds.

In order to properly run the electrical outlets, microwave, and air conditioning we recommend camping at a site with no less than a 30 AMP service. These items may work at campsites with less than 30 AMP service but we are unable to guarantee this.

Dry camping is camping without any power, water, or sewer hook-ups. We recommend dry camping for no longer than three (3) nights unless you understand the limitations that come with dry camping. For more information please contact our rental office to see if dry camping is right for you.

If you require the electrical outlets, the microwave, or air conditioning to operate when you are dry camping – you will require a generator.

2,000 WATT generator will only power the electrical outlets and microwave
3,000 WATT generator will power the electrical outlets, microwave and air conditioning

Some camping stays may require the rental of additional equipment.

All our trailers are solar equipped. This means the batteries will remain charged for the duration of your stay. However, “Solar power” requires sunlight to charge the batteries.

Yes, all our units are 100% insured. In the case of major damage the $1,500.00 deductible is the responsibility of the customer, should a claim be made.

We have a NO pets allowed policy. We only make exceptions for service, hearing, and guide dogs. CERTIFICATION must be provided upon your booking date.

  • Required Certification:
  • Assistance Dogs International (ADI)
  • International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF)

Ask which units are available for service dogs.

All kitchen appliances, fridge, stove, and microwave must be cleaned inside. All counters and tables should be wiped clean. Bathroom sink, toilet, tub and shower must be cleaned. Floors should be swept. Carpets and upholstery must be left clean with no stains.

We strive to send all our units out in good working condition. Occasionally issues may arise. Please read the Policies and Procedure information found in your unit to troubleshoot the problem. If that does not work, please contact our office. Many times we can talk you through the issue over the phone – but if we are unable to do that, we will send out one of our RV Techs to fix the problem. Please note we do not send out RV Techs to fix appliances – including air conditioning – at campsites with inadequate AC power, including dry camping sites.